Keep drawing, sketching, painting, designing, and illustrating.

Just don't ever stop.

Where did you go to study? 
I went to University of the Arts in Philadelphia,PA. Great place, great experience and great cheese steaks! Originally I wanted to be an animator, but I realized it wasn’t my calling, so I decided to pursue illustration and design. I mainly focused on the digital side of illustration and some areas of design.

What do you love about illustrating/design?
I love the journey that goes into making the artwork then seeing the end result. When I see a piece of art with beautiful use of line art, great use of negative space and a conceptual ‘kick’, I can’t help but mentally applaud the piece for how greatly composed it became.

What made you start illustrating?
This goes back to when I was born in the Philippines and moved to the USA when I was 3yrs old. I wasn’t very fluent in the English language so words were a problem for me. But I soon realized that pictures was a universal storyteller that everyone understands.

Pictures and drawings became the perfect medium to express myself.